Dan Snow’s VJ Day Challenge

We’ve teamed up with historian and presenter Dan Snow to find out how YOU would tell the story of VJ Day today to mark this special 75th anniversary.

The challenge

What would YOU say to those who were involved with VJ Day and WW2 and gave so much 75 years ago? How would you thank them? Share your messages in a creative way, which could range from:

  • A video message (we were hugely inspired by the 1940’s style videos you shared for VE Day) 
  • A letter to a soldier or someone who served, perhaps overseas or on the homefront
  • A postcard
  • A poem
  • Do you know someone who served in the army or supported the war effort at home? Maybe you could thank them and tell their story…

There are lots of online resources you use to find out more about VJ Day and the Second World War:

We’ve also got a range of logos and colouring in posters you can use on our toolkit page.

More educational resources:

How to enter

  • Post your creative content on social media using the #VJDay75 hashtag and tagging Dan Snow in @thehistoryguy on Twitter and Instagram and the DCMS using @DCMS on Twitter and @dcmsgovuk on Instagram.
  • Email your entries to ve-vjday75@dcms.gov.uk and we’ll feature a selection on the website. Just include your first name, age and town.

Recent entries

Veterans’ stories you’ve shared with us

Stanley, 13, from Epsom
Stanley, 13, from Epsom
Dora, 10, from Surrey
Dora, 10, from Surrey